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Nature Induced mark making

When mark making itself is the focus of the drawing , and the mark itself is the message being created by the artist, then how the marks are produced becomes a significant and fascinating part of the process and the finished piece.
“Contemporary drawing key concepts and techniques” Margaret Davidson

The class explored artist made marks where the artist had to relinquish control somewhere in the process. I divided the class into three teams. Each team had a total of five artist. I chose three topics to explore that were generated by forces of nature or by culture.

We had team propulsion, team gravity, and team instruction. All played with wonderful enthusiasm and we had some fascinating results.

Team Gravity


Process: Ink mixed in dish soap and bubbles were blown and caught on the page


Process: ink dropped from a dropper, then vinegar dropped on page, then ink dropped into the vinegar


Other teams to post after I get daylight images of their work.


Artist induced verses nature induced

We will explore mark making in class tonight. Marks made through gravity ex. Dropping. Marks made through propulsion ex. Throwing

Explore gravity:
Paint brushes
Eye Droppers
Water bottles
K cup cups

Explore Propulsion:
Rubber bands
Squirt guns
Blowing bubbles

Bring any of the above mentioned plus your art bin full of artist media, and whatever else you might have that will fit the “gravity and propulsion” definition.

Be sure to bring paper, sketchbooks, your personal thinking cap, energy, happiness, and a spirit of play and exploration.

Susannah Zucker

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