Project I: Mini Works and exploration of wet and dry mediums

Students are given found objects and a written phrase or sentence. They are encouraged to create a work of art that stems from these materials.

Objective: Students will research the materials and phrase given to them and begin to get visual references of how to communicate their idea. The object is to dissect the idea from beginning to completion of the creative process. The final product is of little importance. the main objective is for students to leave with an understanding of concept development and independent thinking.20130422-162417.jpg20130422-162439.jpg20130422-162500.jpg20130422-162517.jpg20130422-162546.jpg20130422-162600.jpg20130422-162616.jpg20130422-162630.jpg20130422-162649.jpg20130422-162709.jpg20130422-162726.jpg20130422-162742.jpg20130422-162802.jpg20130422-162817.jpg20130422-162830.jpg20130422-162848.jpg20130422-162915.jpg20130422-162937.jpg20130422-162956.jpg20130422-163007.jpg20130422-163020.jpg20130422-163159.jpg20130422-163212.jpg20130422-163234.jpg20130422-163254.jpg20130422-163316.jpg





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