Project I 2013 = Mini Work

Mini Work

Each student is given a unique piece of paper, or fabric, along with a word or phrase.  Instructions are:  complete a “Mini Work”, smaller than a dollar bill but no smaller than a half dollar coin, using wet and dry media along with text to best communicate the word/phrase given to them.


The students are given words/phrase as a starting point.

  • Students are instructed to brain storm word/phrase (randomly given to them in class) and complete  three or more thumbnail sketches which visualize their  “idea” .
  • After the student shares the sketches with the class they are directed to finalize their idea or continue brainstorming.


Mediums will be explored in the classroom under instruction of the Professor.  Each student will complete 20 different thumbnail sketches in their handmade sketch book = each sketch containing a mixture of wet and dry media along with some form of text. A list of ingredients used should be neatly written under each thumbnail.


Bring visual idea and media that best communicates idea together to create the work.  All work will be 2D and displayed on a (size matt bd?)

Due Date

Critique of work on January 17, 2013.  Professor will go over guidelines to submit work to the ” Mini Works” show ~ juror Mary Ann Sampson


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