Project II 2013 = Mark Making

Mark Making

“When mark making is itself is the focus of drawing and the mark itself is the message being created by the artist, then how the marks are produced becomes a significant and fascinating part of both the process and the finished piece.”

Students explored different techniques, applications, and mixtures of mediums to learn new ways of contemporary mark making.  Each student is required to turn in 4 different bristol board panels.  Showing their individual findings of  how different forces of nature control the visual outcome;  propulsion, gravity, instruction, cultural~text.

(Quote taken from Contemporary Drawing, Key Concepts and Techniques, Margaret Davidson, 2011)


Through experimentation and exploration of mixing and application of materials each artist will find their own mode of expression to communicate an idea.


To be decided by the artist


4 each 11″ x 14″ bristol board.  May be larger but no smaller than 11″ x 14″.   2D or 3D =  if project takes on a 3D form artist will discuss in Project Analysis how this was determined

Due Date

Tuesday February 19th, 6:15 pm Hammond Hall Room 104B

Project Analysis

A Project Analysis should be turned in An example of a Project Analysis follows:
What: propulsion
Materials: eggs on paper (looking for original ideas)
Concept: modern day egg tempera (idea)
Concept development: instead of mixing egg whites with paint I threw the egg onto the paper, and blew the pigment onto the egg with a straw. The straw fit the propulsion application definition better than a q-tip…..(Share the things you learned through making)
paper written about what you’ve learned through the different
Form: 2D or 3D? How did your process affect or define the form?
Discoveries: things learned through making


Grades will be two grades each equalling 100 points:
Grade 1:
Research: 25 points
Project Analysis: 25points
Presentation: 25 points
Craftsmanship: 25 points

Grade 2:
Exploration: 20 points
Completion: 20 points
Professionalism: 60 points


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