Mid Term

We WILL NOT be starting Limp Vellum next week. I would like to meet with each one of you for 15 minutes to discuss your performance in the class thus far for the semester. A sign up sheet will be on my door this afternoon beginning at 3pm. While I meet with each of you the others will be working on a mixed media project that will be introduced in the beginning (9-9:15) of class Tuesday. Late comers will get instruction on their own.

Mixed Media Project IV: More is not always better
Each student will be given a sheet of = Canson 98lb 7″ x 10″ mixed media paper, a coffee filter, a paper sample book, a color, and a couple of surprise materials.

The student is to make a collage using, as much or as little of the materials given. Text, stain, and string are the only other outside materials that may be added by the student.

A process page will be typed and turned in with the final collage. Exceptional work will be submitted to The Collage Museum http://collagemuseum.com/exhibitions.html

Each student is to work independently but brainstorming with others is encouraged.

Others supplies needed might be:
gel meduium/elmers glue
black ink pens
paint brushes
exacto knife
personal computer for research.


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