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Marina Abramovic & Ulay


Your final: Intrepretive dance


“Allow Me to Explain Through Intrepretive Dance”
By amc5

Marina Abramović
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About Marina Abramović
Marina Abramović was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1946. A pioneer of performance as a visual art form, Abramović has used her body as both subject and medium of her performances to test her physical, mental, and emotional limits—often pushing beyond them and even risking her life—in a quest for heightened consciousness, transcendence, and self-transformation. Characterized by endurance and pain—and by repetitive behavior, actions of long duration, and intense public interactions and energy dialogues—her work has engaged, fascinated, and sometimes repelled live audiences. The universal themes of life and death are recurring motifs, often enhanced by the use of symbolic visual elements or props such as crystals, bones, knives, tables, and pentagrams. While the sources of some works lie in her personal history (the circumstances of her childhood and family life under Communist rule in the former Yugoslavia), others lie in more recent and contemporary events, such as the wars in her homeland and other parts of the world. Marina Abramović attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade (1965–70) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Yugoslavia (1970–72). She received an honorary doctorate from the Art Institute of Chicago (2004). She has also received many other honors, including a Golden Lion at the 47th Venice Biennale (1997); a Bessie (2003); and awards from the International Association of Art Critics (2003, 2007). Abramović has had major exhibitions and performances at the Garage Art Center, Moscow (2011); Manchester International Festival (2011); Museum of Modern Art, New York (2010); Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (2005); Whitney Biennial (2004); Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (2001); Irish Museum of Modern Art (2001); Documenta (1977, 1982, 1992); and the Venice Biennale (1976, 1997, 2009). Marina Abramović lives and works in New York City.

*Laurie Anderson “O Superman”, Big Science
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Opportunity to show your work

MM13 prospectus

Every student in the class should enter this show.

Click on the link above

Thursday March 7th

Class will meet in the gallery at 6:45.  The student juried show awards will be announced at 7pm and then we will head to class to work on our “multiples” project

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Opening in Hammond Hall

Hello class. We have an opening tomorrow night at Hammond Hall at 6:30 pm. Visiting artist Helen DeRamus –encaustic/mixed media artist.

There have been some changes in the schedule. They are as follows:

Tomorrow night: class will meet at 6:30 in Hammond Hall gallery. All of you have to stay for the opening. Bring your sketchbooks and make notes on the show. I want a written review of the show turned into me on Tuesday February 12th via email.

Tuesday and Thursday of next week will be working class time to finish your mark making projects which are due Tuesday 19th.

Ms. Robertson will be the Professor in charge February 12th and 14th and will take roll each night. Take advantage of the extra time to work with your creative peers. I want good ideas — NO GLITTER! Show me you were paying attention to the discoveries made through play. Brainstorm ideas as a group if you need to. I want each work to be independent from the group works.

Along with the final work I want a “Project Analysis”:

An example of a Project Analysis follows:
What: propulsion
Materials: eggs on paper (looking for original ideas)
Concept: modern day egg tempera (idea)
Concept development: instead of mixing egg whites with paint I threw the egg onto the paper, and blew the pigment onto the egg with a straw. The straw fit the propulsion application definition better than a q-tip…..(Share the things you learned through making)
paper written about what you’ve learned through the different
Form: 2D or 3D? How did your process affect or define the form?
Discoveries: things learned through making

I want substance not fluff.

Tuesday the 19th we will have a formal critique of our mark making projects. We will meet in Hammond Hall 104 B and will critique one artist at a time. You will stand and present your work to the class in a professional manner. Possibility of an outside guest present for the critique.

You should have four separate works of art along with four separate “Project Analysis”

Grades will be two grades each equalling 100 points:
Grade 1:
Research: 25 points
Project Analysis: 25points
Presentation: 25 points
Craftsmanship: 25 points

Grade 2:
Exploration: 20 points
Completion: 20 points
Professionalism: 60 points


Mark making continued







Instructed marks: